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Taylor Heinicke On What He Thought Of The NFL Script For This Past Season

Cooper Neill. Getty Images.

In a clip that went super viral a few weeks ago, Arian Foster of Macrodosing and formerly the Houston Texans admitted that #NFLrigged was indeed true and players got a script in advance of how to play the game out.

On this episode of Slingin' It, one of the newest Falcons, Taylor Heinicke, spoke on what he thought of the NFL script he got before Week 15's Sunday Night Football matchup against the New York Giants. A game he went 17/29 for 249 yards 1 TD with 0 INTs and rushed for 33 yards on 3 carries. A game that resulted in Heinicke was benched during the next week for Carson Wentz.

Check out the full show here: