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Robbie Fox Interviews Conor McGregor

It finally happened. I got the interview I've been chasing for over six years here at Barstool. 

The Double Champ, The Champ Champ, The Notorious, The One And Only: Conor McGregor.

I was able to get a quick on-the-go interview recorded on my phone a couple years ago in Abu Dhabi, which was great....

....but I say "finally" because this was the first proper sit down interview I've done with Conor that actually featured microphones and a decent camera; and I'm really happy with how it came out! 

We discussed the Ultimate Fighter filming process, whether or not Conor still has respect for Michael Chandler, how he thinks that fight with go down, what recovering from his leg break was like, his experience filming 'Road House' with Jake Gyllenhaal, his greatest rivals, and more!

Special shoutout to Dana, Lenee, Gabby, Christoph, and everyone else at the UFC who helped put this together - I'm super grateful for the opportunity.

Check out the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show from earlier today for the full behind-the-scenes details of how this all went down....