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Kirk Cousins Gets A Redo On 4th & 8

Stephen Maturen. Getty Images.

Everybody remembers 4th & 8. Season on the line for Minnesota trailing the New York Giants in the Wild Card Round late in the 4th Quarter. Kirk Cousins opted to hit an open T.J. Hockenson in the flat well short of the sticks and he was tackled for a gain of three. 

Well PFT created a new series called, Slingin' It where he conducts a short interview with an NFL Quarterback and as a Washington Commanders fan, Kirk Cousins was a perfect first guest. On the show, PFT asked Cousins what he would do again in the same 4th & 8 scenario. Captain Kirk had some time to reflect and made a better choice this time.

Look at the hands from that Receiver in the end zone! Wow! What a snag! 

Check out the full show here: