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The Giants Just Traded For Darren Waller Out Of The Goddamn Blue For The 3rd Round Pick They Got In The Kadarius Toney Deal

HOLY SHIT. Look at Handsome Joe Schoen cooking now that he actually has a little bit of wiggle room under the salary cap as Giants GM! I don't think anybody saw this move coming even though we've been hearing the Giants were looking at acquiring a tight end since most people figured they were looking at free agents or the draft and Waller has long been linked to the Packers, who are now looking to ship their QB to the other MetLife team (Source: Trey Wingo).

Anybody who has seen Darren Waller play knows he is an absolute freak of nature when healthy, which has admittedly been an issue the last two seasons. But he immediately becomes the best receiving option in the Giants offense for my sweet Daniel Jones, still allows Daniel Bellinger to get plenty of work, and doesn't force Big Blue to make a move for a receiver since they have this beast catching dimes from my little lamb.

As for an actual scouting report, I played with the Raiders in my Madden franchise last season and I put up NUMBERS with Waller with all sort of routes. If Brian Daboll is even close to the offensive genius that I am, I don't see how Waller doesn't shatter last season's Giants leaders in receptions (57), receiving yards (724), and receiving touchdowns (4). Okay, those numbers are all vomit inducing, but I still love the trade for a tight end that will turn 31 this season that should have a lot of tread on his tires because he missed a ton of time early in his career while battling addiction issues.

The icing on the cake of all this is that the Giants got Waller for the pick they received in the Kadarius Toney trade.

Correction Ian. The Giants got Darren Waller for the 3rd to last pick in the 3rd round in a move which they got for the guy that did this to their biggest rivals in the biggest moments of the Super Bowl that led to said rival losing said Super Bowl.

I didn't think I could be happier after the Giants announced they care about linebackers again by signing Bobby Okereke yesterday. To be honest, I didn't know if I'd ever be happy as a Giants fan again roughly a year ago. But it looks like things are finally changing now that we have Trader Joe as our GM and this beautiful son of a bitch as our coach.