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McNeese State Suspends Will Wade Just Two Days After He Was Hired, Proves They'll Never Be A Real Basketball Program

Remember two days ago. Not that Will Wade was hired, but rather McNeese State claiming they are the best mid-major job in the country:

You can't pull a real life Grandpa Simpson meme here and suspend him right after that.

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You hired Will Wade a year after he was fired at LSU for infractions. Mind you the IARP hasn't laid anything out yet for LSU or Wade. Why are you trying to get ahead? You knew what you were hiring. Even if the whole thing was stupid and the sanctions coming for these teams have been nothing, you can't suspend Wade for five games. 

[Source] - There are also other recruiting limits put on Wade by the university in a preemptive strike against any upcoming NCAA ruling linked to his time at LSU.  LSU fired Wade before the 2022 tournament after the NCAA formally served the university with a Notice of Allegations. That came after an investigation into potential violations committed by Wade and the program.

For McNeese, the suspension is a way to show the NCAA it is willing to take the lead on any punishment.

To get straight to the point here. You're McNeese State! You're a nobody. You shouldn't be scared of the NCAA or any possible punishments. Shit, you hired Wade because he actually is a decent coach and you want to win. That's all that matters. Suspending him 5 games? Soft move. You should try to stick it to the NCAA and dare them to make a ruling, like everyone else is doing. 

And if you are going to suspend him, announce it during the press conference. Make it as outrageous as possible. Waiting two days is hilarious, don't get me wrong, but lean all the way into it. Want to protect yourself from the NCAA(LOL)? Announce it right away. Open the press conference 'we're pleased to announce we have hired Will Wade who is suspended 5 games.' 

God bless this sport and the dumbass things it does.