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Aaron Rodgers Is More Famous Than Miley Cyrus

Other than Frank The Tank and Brandon Walker, I'm often the oldest person in the office. Some days it's not even close. Never has it  caused more debate than today.

The beloved Marty Mush was again trying to defend his Morgan Wallen is more famous than Aaron Rodgers take from last week. I was telling him that Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton was more famous than Wallen. Eventually I told Marty if you take the USA alone, Aaron Rodgers is more famous than Miley Cyrus. Spider, Rudy and Francis all agreed with Marty. Marty did a poll. Jeff D Lowe and Kelly Keegs chimed in.

So the whole office disagrees with me. I still think I'm right. Let me try to explain.

Aaron Rodgers is the rare athlete that has done a number of famous things outside of the NFL. I'm not just talking about being a pitchman. He's hosted Jeopardy! which means very old people know who he is. He's always dated many famous women which has him covered by TMZ and other celebrity gossip sites.

The way I see it, Miley Cyrus is certainly more famous than Aaron Rodgers if you are under 40. But I think most of the same people know Aaron Rodgers. For people over 40, Miley isn't that important or relevant. Especially people 60+ who didn't have kids young enough to have watched Hannah Montana. I'm obviously speaking generally and there are always exceptions. But I think the Pro-Rodgers percentage would be so overwhelming that it would overtake the Miley majority of people under 40. I think there are many more people 15+ who don't know Miley Cyrus as opposed to people under 30 who don't know Aaron Rodgers.

Miley is a huge star and talented. This isn't Miley slander. She's hosted SNL a number of times. She's easily more famous than anoy other NFL player besides Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Rodgers. If you ask this same question in the year 2040, Miley wins easily. The older people who don't know her will have died out. She's also proven to have a long lasting career. The future isn't Rodgers in this argument.

But right now at this very moment, there are enough older people who haven't encountered Miley. Among that group is enough sports fans (and Jeopardy watchers) to give Rodgers the edge. I also don't want to live in a world where Marty Mush is right.