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At This Point, Aaron Rodgers And Adam Sandler Are One And The Same

The football world continues to wait for Aaron Rodgers' decision as we're now a full day into NFL free agency. Despite telling everyone he wouldn't drag this out, that's exactly what the crazy man has done. Dude was at a football camp mucking it up with Brandon Marshall over the weekend and even attended the Lakers-Knicks game Sunday night. Still, as 9am rolled around yesterday signaling the start of tampering window, the Jets and Packers remained in the dark. 

Now we're getting this report from Dianna Russini. 

If you know Aaron Rodgers you're well aware he loves playing with his old veteran buddies. It's one of the great running gigs out there. Just be Randall Cobb, James Jones, Jake Kumerow, or Marcedes Lewis and you have a job as long as Aaron is still playing football. Looks like Allen Lazard has found his way into this exclusive group as well. 

Rodgers and Sandler are basically the same person. They're past their prime, but not totally washed up, have first names that start with the letter 'A,' and they want to bring their crew of pals wherever they decide is the next job. If he was acting in a big movie and you were in his circle you probably found your way into the film. It was essentially a lock to see Steve Buscemi, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade, John Turturro, Peter Dante, and Jonathan Loughran in the Sand Man's movies when he was really cooking. 

Hey maybe Rodgers gets frisky and gets the great John Kuhn back in the mix

Jordy Nelson has to still be in great shape these days working on his farm, wonder if he gets a call. James Jones? Odell in the mix is a new wrinkle, although Rodgers and him have long been friends. While Bakhtiari certainly doesn't regret signing his big deal, you gotta think he's a little jealous he can't be part of the fun here. 

The beauty here is that realistically none of these players actually improve your roster. Marcedes Lewis is an incredible glue guy, but he's just gonna be blocking for you all season when he's out there. Maybe one play the defense forgets he exists and he slips out the back for a big 3rd down conversion, promptly reminding the internet he's still in the league. Cobb can't physically make it through a full season anymore. Alright Lazard is pretty solid and an incredible blocker for a WR, but Cobb and Lewis just take up space. It's just about having guys he knows make him feel comfortable. Rodgers is just completely holding their GM hostage until he meets his demands. Joe Douglas, you are no longer the captain. 

Like clockwork. 

My god wouldn't it be amazing if he had the Jets sign all these guys only to retire as his last great trick.