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You Can Watch An Animated Version Of Tonight's Rangers vs. Capitals Game And I Can't Tell If It's Awesome Or The Worst Idea Ever

Tonight we will see the first ever virtual 3D version of a hockey game ever and it's going to be interesting. While the game is being played at Madison Square Garden, the NHL will use puck and player tracking data to broadcast it in arguably the most unique way ever. Part of me feels like there will 100% be a glitch that shuts this entire thing down. Hopefully not for the leagues sake. Can only imagine how much money they're pouring into this concept. With all that being said, Big City Greens was Disney's #1 animated show, so I'd expect the numbers to at least be pretty good. 

I've got to give some props to the NHL for trying something new. It may or may not be great, but it's something different. We always talk about how growing the game has been an issue, so hopefully this will get the younger audience into the game. Might be worth it to throw the Big City Greens version on for a couple minutes just to see what it's like. Regardless, tonight will be a big step into the broadcasting future.