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Pup Punk Will Be Opening For John Mayer


What a god damn festival, holy smokes. If you recall, the Oceans Calling Festival was supposed to happen last fall but on the day-of there were 70 MPH winds and the entire thing had to be canceled. Was the absolute worst luck ever. But now the festival is back and better than it was last year with god damn JOHN MAYER headlining on Saturday...with Pup Punk opening!!!

This has been our friend Marc Roberge's baby for the last 4 years and the fact it was canceled last year was devastating. But he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and put together an even better lineup for this year. 

I remember sitting with him at the studio pre-Pandemic talking about planning this's also where I suggested he let Pup Punk open the show and he looked at me like I had 7 heads. But eventually he agreed and now our boys are playing on the same show John Mayer #ThankYouNate. 

My personal highlights:

Jack Johnson, Alanis, and Third Eye Blind on Friday.

Mayer, Incubus, Sheryl Crow, and Jimmy Eat World on Saturday, with Pup Punk opening the day.

And then Sunday being closed down by the Lumineers. Plus Weezer who play all the hits. 

And of course OAR. The nicest guys in the world. Not enough good things can be said about them, truly.

Plus this entire weekend is in beautiful, B-E-A-UUUUUUTIFUL Ocean City, Murrrrland. Thrashers for daysssss. Beach, music, french fries, what more does one need?

Make sure you get your tickets when they go on sale on Wednesday. The perfect way to end the Summer. Can't wait!