This Girl Is Going Mega-Viral For Dumping A Guy Who Refused To Pay $3 Extra For Cheese On His Burger

I don't know the last time I saw a self-own as epic as this one. This girl thought the internet was going to applaud her for ditching a loser who wouldn't pay $3 for cheese and instead she's getting absolutely roasted for walking out on a principled, financially literate man. City Boys up yet again!

I've really tried to find what her angle is here and I just can't. Did she think the additional $3 on top of presumably already paying for two meals was going to make or break this guy's checking account? Of course not, he's just unwilling to get taken for a ride by a New York City restaurant that's charging $3 extra for cheese. Y'all might get another sucker with that bullshit, but not this guy. Good for him.

And as my man is enjoying his burger with the knowledge he made the right choice, he finds out he has received a free meal AND doesn't have to go on another date with a crazy person? Talk about an all-time double winner. This girl just made his week.

Even if this was purely a financial decision on the guy's part, it was still the correct one. You start slinging an extra $3 for cheese everywhere you go in Joe's economy and you'll look up one day as your car is getting repossessed. Stay financially sound, king.

City Boys up 100.