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Arizona Trucker Records On Camera What He Thinks Is A Ghost In The Road

SOURCE - A truck driver’s dashcam video showing a mysterious figure appearing on the side of an empty road in Arizona has viewers discussing the possibility of a supernatural occurrence.

William Church, a truck driver who reportedly drove down Arizona State Route 87 on Saturday, March 11, noticed a bright glare in his dashcam, and he thinks the flashing figure could be a ghost, according to FOX Television Stations.

He thinks the translucent figure looks like a person “just standing in the roadway.”

I don't believe in ghosts. I understand wanting to believe but once you look at this even remotely logically, it makes no sense. If there were ghosts, we'd see them all the time. There are so many people who have died. They'd be a much bigger part of our lives. If that's not enough, Marty Mush said he believes in ghosts. That's reason enough to know that ghosts are bullshit.

We want to believe in ghosts so badly, people will take a blurry picture of what would just be legs and say it's supernatural. Why does this specter only have legs? You have to go through so many points of logic like is it a guy who was ripped apart in a car accident so his top half is missing? Or maybe he's bad at being a ghost and forgot to make his bottom half invisible? Why aren't other people also seeing this ghost?

I get it. The idea of ghosts are fun to believe in. Poltergeist, The Sixth Sense and The Shining are among the best movies ever. Stephen King is my favorite writer. I also love Batman and Superman but I don't expect someone from Krypton is actually flying around the planet. 

Giphy Images.

With this image, it looks much more like an animal to me than ghostly legs. I think it could also be a reflection of light from a road sign or something in the road. If it is a ghost hitchhiker, I can see why he died. The asshole is walking in the highway when the side of the road is right next to him.

Look at New York City. It's a small area that millions of people have lived and died in. In many cases, the buildings are over a 100 years old. You'd think the city would be overflowing with spirits and ghouls like the end of Ghostbusters. Instead, you see ghosts like you see aliens. It's always in remote areas where there are few witnesses.

No one would benefit more from ghosts being real than me. I already look like a ghoulish gargoyle so I'd fit in better if ghosts were everywhere. Plus I love talking about the past so I'd be happy to have a conversation about Tris Speaker than one about Machine Gun Kelly. But as cool as that would be, I have to accept reality. This trucker saw a glare and not Ghost Legs.