Watch: Diplo Says That He Likes To Get Blown By Dudes But It's Not Gay Because He Doesn't Make Eye Contact With Them While It's Happening

Source -  Diplo says he's received oral sex from a man, and while he doesn't necessarily consider that gay ... he does admit he might be into dudes just a little bit.

The famed DJ was on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast when he dished the deets ... saying he's 100% sure he's "gotten a blow*** from a guy before" -- although, he can't recall the details.

What he does know for certain is that act, in and of itself, doesn't make him LGBTQ, per se.

Here's the line he personally draws -- it wasn't "gay" because he didn't make eye contact with the guy. 🤔

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Fax, cuz. No eye contact = not gay. That's what I used to tell myself in the high school wrestling room between classes. "As long as we don't look at each other, we've got nothing to worry about." That logic eventually stopped applying, but still, I get it. I also get the fact that Diplo is probably just bored with women. When you're that famous and that rich, sometimes you need to go to extremes to keep yourself interested in the bedroom. Leonardo Dicaprio (allegedly) wears headphones while he fucks to "get in the zone." Regardless, Diplo doesn't label himself as gay and that's fine by me. Gotta keep 'em guessing…

ER presses him quite a bit in the extended convo, noting he'd told her off-camera he might be a "little gay" -- however, he eventually settled on he's probably "not not gay." Diplo also said he could see himself dating a couple guys long-term as "life partners" -- but, we also know he's very publicly dated women.

Despite the course of their convo, he stopped short of labeling his sexuality. So, what have we learned? The eyes have it, for Diplo!

Now if only we could get Harry Styles to admit the same thing then we'd really be on to something. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.