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John Calipari Is A Prophet, A Genius And A Man Who Knows Ball Thanks To This Prediction After The First Game Of The Season

Mama there goes that man. Some may say John Calipari just rolls the balls out there. Some may say John Calipari just gasses up his opponents. But I didn't see anyone else predict Howard to make the NCAA Tournament in November. I didn't see one bracketologist have them in the tournament back then. Maybe, just maybe, John Calipari knows ball.* 

*He must beat Providence for me to keep that up. 

Just a reminder about Howard. Not only is this the first time they are back in the NCAA Tournament in 31 years, but they just so happen to have the coolest dad in the stands. 

That's right Ving Rhames baby. You show up with him in the stands you're destined to make the NCAA Tournament. That's what happens when his son, Freedom Rhames (unreal name) is a freshman on the roster. I'm not even entirely sure why they tagged DJ Khaled in the post, but hey, that's gotta count for some good juju. 

Now, me personally? Can he hit this scouting report in games that matter? That's what I'd love to have happen, specifically this coming Friday. If he can call Howard winning the MEAC, surely, he can figure out a way to slow down Bryce Hopkins? Maybe something something for the flex offense? That would be very much appreciated from someone who has been beaten down by this program over the years. I'm not ruling out the fact I have a bald ass head because of this. 

But for now, Calipari is a prophet. A genius. A man who knows ball.