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A History Lesson On The Man With The Best Nickname And Greatest NCAA Tournament Game You Forgot All About

It's that time of the year where we play a guy's favorite game. It's basic, it's simple, it's easy to do. Just start listing random college basketball players and see how far down a rabbit hole you can go. See what names trigger a memory for whatever reason. It's a tricky game to play because you don't want to say an obvious one like a certain somebody: 

Kevin Pittsnogle is a common answer here that it's too common. Everyone knows Kevin Pittsnogle. He's not a random college basketball player anymore. We remember the tattoos, the goofy name, the run to the Elite Eight with Mike Gansey (the better player). So I don't even consider him in this category that we did on Dog Walk this week.

So I sat down and started to come up with my list of random players who had a NCAA Tournament breakout. Instantly my mind went to a guy that seemed obvious I figured everyone knew him. 

Harold 'The Show' Arceneaux. 

The pick was met with stunned silence. How did Rico forget him? How did Chief who is an old like me forget him? No one heard of this man? Fine. History lesson time. The year is 1999. Weber State wins the Big Sky thanks to The Show and Eddie Gill. Draws a 14 seed and UNC - Ed Cota, Haywood, that group. Then it happens. Weber State and their awesome jerseys gets 36 from The Show, 20 in the second half, a game-sealing steal. At the time it was one of the biggest upsets in NCAA Tournament history and still is. It was the first holy shit moment I can truly remember as a kid in terms of massive upsets. Then he goes the next game and gets 32 in an overtime loss to Florida. 

 How do people forget this man? The Show is one of the best nicknames you can have in sports. He's a mid-major legend. He beat UNC - shit, I still remember exactly where I was watching that game. Arceneaux is a perfect last name too. Plus, Harold? You get cooked a by a dude named Harold! He's the epitome of random NCAA Tournament star/college basketball player. 

Watch the entire episode here: 

PS: The St. Joe's Hawk continuing to flap his wings mid-fight is why he's the best mascot out there. Dedication to the craft.