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Trea Turner Might Have To Miss A Chunk Of The Phillies Season As He's Now The New Prime Minister Of Canada

Canada is so cute. Those goofy little maple syrup guzzling bastards. They definitely have hockey over us, sure. I'm willing to admit that. But let's not act like that gap isn't razor thin at the moment. I mean the last time USA and Canada met up in the gold medal game at the Olympics, it took some Sidney Crosby magic in overtime for the Canucks to get the job done. Hockey is the one sport that Canada is "far and away" better than Americans at, and they couldn't even beat us in 60 minutes. 

Then we get to baseball and we have 8-hole hitter Trea Turner launching a nuclear missile straight to Ottawa to make it a 12-1 ballgame in the bottom of the 2nd. The man hit that ball so hard it knocked Justin Trudeau straight out of office. Being the good guy that he is, Trea Turner wouldn't want to leave an entire nation hanging high and dry. So he'll slide right into that position. 

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I get that it's only Canada. It would be like if they beat Australia in ice hockey. Imagine Nathan MacKinnon going bardown when you've got Crocodile Dundee in net. You wouldn't want to get too ahead of yourself. But watching the boys obliterate the shit out of baseballs will never get old. It's going to be a dangerous summer to be sitting in the outfield at Citizens Bank Park. 

That's the thing about baseball. If you just send every ball on a one-way flight 500 miles away, you'll never lose a game. Simple game.