Duque Hebbert, The Pitcher From Nicaragua Who Struck Out Juan Soto, Julio Rodriguez, And Rafael Devers In Today's WBC Game Signed With The Tigers Immediately After The Game

THIS is how you make a statement and get your name out there. Duque Hebbert is a 21-year old pitcher from Nicaragua who came into today's loss vs the Dominican Republic. The game was over but he was tasked with pitching the last inning and just happened to face the heart of the order. So what did he do?

Struck out Juan Soto, struck out Julio Rodriguez, gave up a double to Manny Machado and then struck out Rafael Devers. That is a fucking inning for the youngster. So he did he get rewarded? By signing a deal with the Tigers immediately after the game. No need for them to look into medicals, or analytics, or spin rate, they were just like "yeah we want this kid."

Hell of a performance by Hebbert, just jumping all over this opportunity. You are facing the best in the world and you show off like that? Have a day, kid. Decent chance he doesn't get scouted like this if he isn't playing for Nicaragua, what an awesome story. Hopefully he can make some life changing money and find his way to the bigs, if he does he should send Soto, JRod and Devers a nice bottle of wine or something.