There Is Only One Acceptable Way To Highlight Your Bracket During The NCAA Tournament

I don't like to name call, especially two guys I like personally, Bbut this is so so so so so so so so so dumb. So dumb that I'm amazed by the take. 

If you are having trouble following along, filling out a bracket and highlighting it is a national past time. Reags brings up a great point of how our generation still printing out a bracket is the best. 

I agreed with him on that. Then I posed a question about highlighting winners in a bracket and all hell broke loose. 

Let me break it down for you. 

Baylor and Mizzou win the 1st two games of the day. They are both first round games. 

Side A:  You highlight Baylors name in the 1st round column (ie- the round they won)

Side B: You highlight Missouri in the 2nd round column ( the round they advanced to)

Here's the photo for reference : 

Apparently these two morons Jeff and Reags are trying to say you highlight the team in the round they advance to. NO FUCKING CHANCE PAL(s) ! The only way to highlight the bracket is the round in which the team won, IE- highlight their name in the 1st round. If you highlight them in the 2nd round, you are saying they won a 2nd round game which hasn't been played yet, or worse you could potentially be highlighting a team you pick against in the 2nd round. MORONIC! MORONIC! 

The only way you do this is by highlighting the round they win, and thats the round of 64 column. 

Even if you think I am a piece of shit moron, you should know that Brandon Walker was ASTONISHED when I even posed this question to him. 

I actually cannot believe how dumb Reags and Jeff are, but being the open minded man I am … let's open up the debate 

Hopefully Jeff doesn't rig this like he does the Dozen ( * according to Frank the Tank)