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The Bears had Scrooge McDuck amounts of cap space heading into the off-season and Poles isn't being shy with it, even if he's being prudent. Tremaine Edmunds is a stud and should be a good scheme fit. Then he's got two Chicago area boys with TJ Edwards and Jack Sanborn. That's a great looking linebacking core. Edmunds is the type of guy you invest in. He's only 24 years old. He's played a ton of winning football for the Bills. There aren't a ton of strong side LBs built like him. 6'5 and 250lbs. An absolute load. 

TJ Edwards, I won't lie, my eyes don't fly to him when he's on the field for the Eagles, but these numbers make my eyes pop out of my head

Edmunds, Edwards, and Sanborn will make a combined $25M per year. Roquan Smith will make $20M per year by himself. As much as a I love Roquan, it's clear to see why Poles had a number and stuck with it. They got those three players locked in and they also acquired an extra 2nd round pick in this coming draft. The Bears defense already is looking a TON better now that it did yesterday. The offense does too with DJ Moore and...

I won't sit here and pretend to know much about Nate Davis. I do know that he has to be better than most the guards the Bears trotted out there last year. If your starting guards are Davis and Teven Jenkins I think you're in a pretty good spot. The Bears need more help at tackle, obviously, but you can see this roster coming together and you know he isn't done. Bear. DOWN.