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Aaron Rodgers Is Still A Green Bay Packer, And Probably Will Be For Life

Charles Rex Arbogast. Shutterstock Images.

Trey Wingo seems like a nice enough cat. Never had anything but "I like that guy" kinda vibes about him. That changed today when he dropped this NUKE on the heads of not just the entire country, but specifically Bears fans:

Obviously all of Chicago jumped for joy. For the last 30 odd years, the Green Bay Packers have had HoF QB play while the Bears have been utterly pathetic. That's almost the entirety of my life as an old as dirt 34 year old. Every Bears fan on earth started doing the MLKJ in their heads:

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Only to get shat on by a real-life insider a few moments later in Ian Rapoport:

On that note, I'm 1 BILLION percent positive Rodgers will be in Green Bay next year, the year after and every year for the rest of my life while performing at an All Pro level. That's just how it works with Bears fans. I'm hoping writing blog this will be enough of a mush for the trade to go down a few mins shortly after it's published. 

Prayers up!!! 

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Thank Christ for Poles though. He's got an assload of draft picks, an ass load of money, and a QB that's going to have a lot of toys to play with along with an improved OL moving forward. If it weren't for my Packer QB induced PTSD, I'd say fuck it. The Bears can beat the Packers next year and the year after that and go on to a nice run of sustained success. 

But I do have that Packer induced PTSD. I'm conditioned to assume the worst and pray for the best, even though the best has never really happened for me, sans that one off year in 2005. 

On that note, Trey Wingo is now on my shit list. For a moment I felt free as a bird from that evil 30 year reign of HoF Packer QB play. And now?

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Goddamn you, Wingo!! Why do ya gotta get our hopes up!!! Sure, it's our fault for taking his tweet and running with it instead of waiting for the Schefter or Rap bomb, but still… can't fuck with our emotions like that. Goddamnit this stinks 

Oh and in the off-chance this does happen today, tomorrow or whenever… I'm fully prepared for 15 years of Jordan Love domination too. That's just the way it goes. 

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