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Planting My Flag As Resident Graph Fail Blogger With An Instant Hall of Fame Qualifier Out of Boston

Oh, you thought Spring Forward messed YOU up this morning? Well it appears even automated GIS mapping is susceptible to this barbaric practice we face every year as you can clearly see by the NFT of a "like" button above. As the now self-proclaiming resident graph maker at Barstool, this is a prime opportunity for me to plant my flag as the go-to "graph fail" blogger. I've seen many good ones in the past few years. A popular way to graph fail is call the "double y-axis scales" play from the playbook. Other approaches include using percentage increase over year to hide the fact that the prior year was astronomically garbage. But this... THIS beauty we have today is a work of mastery and nothing was going to distract me from blogging about it except a random craving for cotton candy and Nerds. 

Bostonians are gearing up for some wild weather and according to the Boston/Norton Weather Forecast Office it has either already started this morning or will start tonight. Side note: I'm not sure how much each color costs but maybe put more graph colors in the budget for next time. Anyway, the Boston area can expect a start time of 2pm Monday or 2am Tuesday and the great town of "6amTu" can expect precipitation to begin either on Monday at 8am, 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 6pm, 8pm, or Tuesday morning at 12am, 1am, or 3am. Laugh all you want, but one of these times almost HAS to be correct. 

Remember just before the internet when we got bored of solitaire or clicking random buttons on minesweeper, so we opened up MS Paint to draw scribbles to fill in with different colors? Who knew we could have put that on our resume to be a meteorologist? I'm guessing this graphic never made it to air but I would pay good money to see them attempt to play this all off as if intended.

"And over here you can see snow is expected to start falling this morning around 8am in the north city of "9pmMo"... that'll all start tonight at 8pm"...??? Pregnant pause. "Back to you Bob".

The fact of the matter is making graphs is hard and these types of things happen from time to time. Except for me. I've never messed up making graphs and have proven so with a thread below. Here are couple excerpts:

To this day, Big Ben's one eye peering at me still creeps me out.

Good luck with the snow to the good people of Massachusetts. Whenever it comes. And absolutely send future graph fail tips my way! That's it for now as I need to get back to my 9-5 job for a few minutes before eventually finding myself updating my Meteorologist resume.

- Jeffro