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Girl Gets A "Secret Spicy Tattoo" For Her Groom And Providing The Next Great Debate For The Mean Girls

NY Post - She’ll have a ruff time keeping this kinky wedding night surprise under wraps.

Gearing up her forthcoming big day, a bawdy bride-to-be — who’s never slept with her fiancé — has permanently branded her backside, tattooing it with the first initial of her groom’s name for him to discover during “doggy” style sex on their first evening as husband and wife. 

“I’m getting a secret tattoo for my fiancé, and he doesn’t know about it … and he’s going to find out on the wedding day,” said Madison Crowley, from Atlanta, in her trending TikTok tell-all, filmed 11 days ahead of her nuptials. 

In the video, which has amassed over 464,000 views, Crowley, a professional photographer, captures clips of herself grinning while getting a black cursive-style “G” inked onto her butt as a token of affection for her hubby-to-be, Greg. 

What a video. So much to unpack. 

First up is I didn't know spicy was the new lingo for sexy. Learn something new everyday. Shoutout to the kids for the new lingo. If there wasn't new words for things every few years, we would die as a society. 

Second, as I have said a bunch of times, tattoos in places you can't see them don't make a lot of sense to me. To get one on your back , or in this girls case ass cheek is a weird decision that you will never see it. On the other hand... I guess the point here is for her to not see it, as it's a "spicy" gift for her soon to be husband on their wedding night. 

Now you may be reading this and say "Wait I'm no biology or anatomy major but there's only one way during that act that the soon to be husband would see that tattoo." Oh you are right, and she addresses it in another Tik Tok. 

Well you can't say she didn't hide from the question there .... 

The other curveball here is she mentioned they have not had sex yet. That's got to be the rarest decision in 2023 right? Do kids now wait for marriage ? I guess so. Shoutout all the Catholic school kids leaving room for the holy spirit! A rare breed. 

Lastly, this is MADE for a Mean Girls debate. Is a spicy tattoo a great pre wedding gift? Is the back or the front the better way to go? Should it be just a letter or a full word? Or a phrase? Or a picture of an animal? I need to hear the rationale from the experts Alex and Jordyn. Hopefully it goes better than the last debate on prehistoric creatures .