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Here's 10 Fun Facts About Bobcats, The Coolest Wild Animal In The Midwest (Arguably) #BRACKETBUSKERS

John Moore. Getty Images.

Myself, Chief and Sydnie Wells drew the Montana St. Bobcats for our annual March Madness competition at Barstool Sports:

Shout out to the SMOOTH Busker Irish Whiskey

Now, typically I'm not a cat guy. That's not to say I would kick a cat at the sight of one like Eddie does to dogs, but I wouldn't ever willingly own one as a pet. I'm not a divorced, menopausal cougar. Sorry if this offends. 

Bobcats are fucking sweet though. I've always said we have kinda boring wildlife in IL and the central/lower midwest as a whole; no big ass predators like bears or wolves or alligators. I googled "most dangerous animals in the midwest" and the most common answer was "mosquito" and "white tail deer", which I assume are because of disease spread and car accidents. Sure there are some venomous snakes in the southern/western part of the great plains and midwest, but nothing that can swallow you whole like a grizzly bear or Komodo dragon. 

We basically have bobcats and that's it. Don't think about mentioning coyotes either; growing up in the western burbs I've had plenty of run-ins with 'yotes in my real, actual back yard growing up and they're scared shitless of humans. A pitbull would fuck a coyote up one on one if need be. 

So let's talk bobcats. Chief and Sydnie saw one in central IL on our annual deer hunt this fall:

Here's a bunch of fun facts about bobcats via this random YouTube video:

So there you have it. We're ALL bobcat fans right now because everyone and their mother wants to see myself, Sydnie and Chief tear apart the Emerald Isle this spring or summer. What you have to do is simple; cheer the Montana St. Bobcats the FUCK on with us for our #BracketBuskers courtesy of our great partney, Busker Irish Whiskey

See everyone in Dublin!! Because we're rooting for a team from Montana, cowboy sox Dave will be making a comeback. 

Shout out Busker Irish Whiskey!!!!!