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The Internet Is A Pack Of Assholes For Trolling This Weightlifting Grandma

NY Post- This granny has gains.

A bodybuilding grandma is slamming haters after after a barrage of online trolls said that she “belongs in the kitchen.”

A new social media star known only Granny Guns, whose viral TikTok features the 65-year-old pumping iron and baking cookies, is weighing in on the internet trolls who claim “women are weak.”

Her breakout video was posted Thursday — on International Women’s Day, no less — and she has racked up nearly 800,000 followers and more than 26.7 million likes on her @65_strong channel.

“For all of my fellow female fitness lovers” reads the caption for the clip, which represents a growing trend among muscle-sculpting senior citizens.

We've reached a new low. I thought I saw it all on the internet. I thought I saw all the trolls on the internet. I thought we've reached the lowest of the low. Color me shocked, we've now hit a new all time low. 

The internet has decided to troll a grandmother for get this ... being in shape. What are we talking about? Now being in shape is what we troll people for? Are we kidding ? I don't know about you but physical fitness should be a major focus given the last couple of years we've had. Working out, running, jogging, getting a little exercise never hurt anyone. I'm no Mr. August in the calendar but I can also say that shedding a few pounds, running around and taking a few jumpers makes you feel way better than rewatching an episode of The Sopranos on the couch with a bag of chips all over your chest. That takes like 6 braincells to realize. 

This grandma knows that, and made it a point to get in shape in the twilight of her life. Good for her. She probably feels better, she is more healthy, she's got a whole new pep in her step, and that's not enough, the internet still finds a way to troll her. What a pack of assholes. Forget what this does for her health, here's some benefits to the people around her, because being the me first guy I am, that's what I'm worried about. 

Did these asshole commenters think about how much faster she will be moving in the grocery store? Or the airport? Have you ever been trapped walking down an aisle behind an octogenarian? It's hell. If you are in a rush like me, or want to move to places as fast as possible, you should hope every person over 65 is getting in shape because it benefits your life of people moving fast. 

We need our elderly alert and limber. If you don't get them moving and shaking, the next thing you know they will be running over their friends. 

Shame on the internet for bullying this poor woman trying to better herself. Think about how much better it is when they are in shape, than when they are not, and I bet you think twice before you start bullying the elderly again.