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A Guide For How Kentucky Fans Need To Handle The Bryce Hopkins Revenge Game Storyline That We'll Hear All Week

Here we go. A day removed from Selection Sunday and the interview I've seen everywhere, the story I've seen everywhere is this. Bryce Hopkins revenge game vs Kentucky: 


Shit all year I've heard from Providence fans, Kentucky fans, Big East fans, asking me what I think of Bryce Hopkins. All year I said the same thing. He's awesome, I have no problem that he left except I wanted him to stay. Now it's time to adjust. Now it's a week of war. It's a week of hating Bryce Hopkins and Providence. My hands are tied. 

This is one of the most important games in the Calipari era. It's not Final Four or title game important. But losing to St. Peter's last year (seriously, how the fuck?) and the COVID year, Cal needs a win. If we lose to Hopkins it's going to be a long ass offseason that I'm not ready for. 

I've never really experienced something like this as a Kentucky fan or can really recall the same thing. Pitino had a break before Louisville and then we just beat him all the time. There have been other transfers, but to play one the moment they leave in the NCAA Tournament? I don't like it one bit. Even Cooley joked about the TV wanting it. Well I don't, Ed! My stress is already high enough this week. 


What I don't love - while understanding it - is the reaction that everyone likes him. That's great ... until the moment Providence came up on the board. I don't want to hear people saying Jacob Toppin is better, because we don't need bulletin board material. But he's not your brother this week.  He's an enemy. I need everyone associated with Kentucky to be in the same boat. It's a week of hate. It's always hate whoever you play in the NCAA Tournament. Ed Cooley? Go to Georgetown. Providence? Taylor Swift stinks. 

We're not escaping this storyline. We won't escape it during the game, we won't escape it before or after. No more nice words about Hopkins. No more nice words about Providence. I despise the flex offense. I hope Toppin reads everyone saying Hopkins is better than him. Time to twist the words around.

Let's go to war, Providence.