Playboy Is Back And They're Turning Into OnlyFans

Playboy is back. Our long national nightmare is over. I guess. Honestly, Playboy has never moved the needle fire hose for me. I love a good broad, but still images? No thank you. Everyone knows I'm a Boob GIF's guy.

Playboy quit making magazines in 2020. And from what I can tell Playboy is now a merch company. Playboy has turned into Barstool Sports in 2014 but without the content.

But that's all about to change, because Playboy's next big idea is, "What if we become OnlyFans?" Brilliant move. Playboy is adopting the Burger King model of, 'waiting to see where McDonald's builds their restaurant, then build one across the street where you sell the exact same thing.' That reference almost makes sense I think. Luckily there's no rules against stealing someone's idea. If there were, Barstool Sports would cease to exist. That being said, stay tuned for my upcoming podcast "OnlyBunnies", where I interview the hottest Playboy Bunny creators on (or wherever the hell you can see these girls).

The online publication will serve as an entry to Playboy’s “creator platform,” which the brand is selling as an “elevated,” “safe” and “exclusive” alternative to OnlyFans.

Now, instead of Playboy “bunnies,” you’ll have Playboy “creators,” who will post adult content on their pages, give subscribers exclusive access into their lives and grace the magazine’s online covers.

From what I can tell via the article, the only difference between this new Playboy model and OnlyFans is that to be a Playboy Creator, you have to go through some sort of vetting process. Meaning not just anybody can sign up and make thousands of dollars per month. I get why Playboy is doing that. They have a brand to uphold and everything. But I appreciate the chaos of OnlyFans. Playboy says they're offering a "safe alternative" to OnlyFans. Safe? You think people want their porn safe? The risk of your computer catching a virus and bursting into flames every time you click a porn link is half the fun. C'mon guys. Playboy doesn't under porn at all.