Tom Hoge Is The Peoples Champion, Flies Home In Coach After Winning Nearly $1.5M At TPC Sawgrass

Sam Greenwood. Getty Images.

Scottie Scheffler may be The Players Champion. He may be the #1 ranked player in the world right now. He may have made such a mockery out of TPC Sawgrass that the tournament was wrapped up by the time he made the turn on Sunday. Scottie Scheffler this, Scottie Scheffler that. 

Let me tell you right now…

Because if there's one golfer we should be talking about and celebrating today, it's Tom Hoge. He may not be The Players Champion, but he sure as shit is The Peoples Champion. Because after setting the course record at Sawgrass on Saturday and finishing tied for 3rd with the VikDaddy, Tom Hoge made himself a cool $1,475,000 this week. That's a lot of cheddar, as we say in the biz. You think that type of money is going to change Tom Hoge? You think that newfound wealth is going to alter the way he lives his life? 

Think again. Buddy is still flying home in coach with or without the One Point Five Mil. 

Look at this man go! 21C! He was probably boarding group 3. He probably had to check his carry-on at the gate because there was no overhead space left. That man has no leg room whatsoever, and the shit head sitting in front of him probably reclined that bitch all the way back the moment the bird was in the air. I mean at least he got himself an aisle seat. Window seats are incredibly overrated, the aisle seat is where it's at. So I'm happy for him on that. 

But yeah. This man just finished T3 at The Players and he still had to get glared down by all the first class passengers as he was boarding the plane. That's always the worst. You can tell they're all judging you so hard when they've already been situated in their seat for like 20 minutes as you're squeezing yourself all the way into the back. Heck, I'd imagine there were a few passengers sitting first class on that flight who were also just leaving the tournament as spectators. Imagine watching Tom Hoge set a course record one day, and then watching him walk past you while boarding the plane back home as he goes another 17 rows behind you. 

Tom Hoge, man. What a guy. What a beauty. Just a man of the people. His last name is literally Hoagie. It doesn't get more regular dude than that. If anybody is going to break the stereotype of golf being just for the rich elites, it's the Hoagie Man.