A Chicago Man Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Buffalo Wild Wings Alleging “Boneless Wings Are Just Nuggets.”

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WGN- A Chicago man has filed a class-action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings, claiming the restaurant chain falsely advertises its boneless wings as the real deal, when in reality, he believes them to be nothing more than chicken nuggets.

According to court documents obtained by WGN, the plaintiff, Aimen Halim, filed a complaint Friday in the U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois against Buffalo Wild Wings and Inspire Brands Inc., an Atlanta-based company who the complaint says “is responsible for the composition, preparation, advertising, marketing and sale of” Buffalo Wild Wings’ product.

The complaint seeks to challenge what it calls “the false and deceptive marketing and advertising of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Boneless Wings,” and goes on to say, “Specifically, the name and description of the Products (i.e., as “Boneless Wings”) leads reasonable consumers to believe the Products are actually chicken wings.”

Halim claims Buffalo Wild Wings description of the product leads customers to believe their boneless wings are deboned chicken wings made up completely of chicken wing meat, when the product is actually slices of chicken breast deep fried like chicken wings, and are compositionally more like chicken nuggets.

Every once in a while you come across something that makes you kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

It's usually billion-dollar ideas that in hindsight seem like the most obvious things in the world that we're convinced we could have dreamt up and executed too. But sometimes it's cash-grab, horseshit tort cases. Like the lady who sued McDonald's after their coffee scalded her and was awarded 2.9 million. Would you burn your genitals for $2.9 million? Tough toss-up for sure.

Then there's a suit like this. And a man like Aimen Halim. A true visionary. 

How many millions of us have eaten boneless Buffalo wings in our lifetimes? The number has to be astronomical. And yet how many of us had the foresight to sue the shit out of the restaurant chain serving them to us because "they caused financial injury and irreparable damage"?

This all stems back to January 2023 when Halim bought boneless wings from a Buffalo Wild Wings in Mount Prospect, Illinois and thought just that: the boneless wings he purchased were exclusively made from chicken wing meat.

When Halim found out Buffalo Wild Wings’ boneless wings weren’t deboned chicken wings, he said he would not have purchased them, or would have paid significantly less for the product.

As a result, Halim said he suffered a financial injury due to the restaurant’s “false and deceptive conduct.”

On one hand, I totally get where Halim is coming from. 

Boneless wings, nuggets, or whatever you want to call them, fucking suck.

Bone in wings are where it's at. A good chicken wing ranks up there with any of the great food items America has contributed to the culinary world. 

(Sidebar- Buffalo Joe's wings in Evanston are so good I've debated if they'd be my electric chair meal or not. No joke they're that amazing. We have pretty damn good wings at my spot Uproar and they don't hold a candle to Buffalo Joes.)

Telling us nuggets are essentially "deboned wings", calling them "boneless wings" is stupid. It's not fucked up or deceptive, it's just dumb, and something we should have put an end to a long long time ago.

Instead of the (baseless) debate, "bone-in or boneless", why weren't we arguing or asking what the fuck is a boneless wing to begin with? 

The big question will be if Buffalo Wild Wings loses this suit, or settles, what do they change the name of the item to? 

You can't call them nuggets because we all know those are the beaks, feat, tendons, and other nasty shit ground up and shaped into weird objects before being breaded. 

Maybe this whole ordeal will send a message loud and clear to restaurant chains that not only are "boneless wings" an inferior product, but calling them wings when they don't deserve to be, will lead you to financial ruin.

p.s. - the fact there are attorneys in this country willing to file suits like this is laugh out loud funny.

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