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Ke Huy Quan Just Delivered A TEAR JERKING Oscar Acceptance Speech

Ke Huy Quan has had a really tough road to get to this point. You've likely seen him as Short Round in Indy 2 or Data in the Goonies, but he struggled after that. He told us in our interview how he struggled to get work outside of stereotypical small roles for Asian actors like doctors, scientists etc when he just wanted to play what he was, an average joe. He spent time doing fight choreography and other odd jobs in the business until a little movie called 'Crazy Rich Asians' came around and made him believe that he could get away from those stereotypical roles, so he went out and secured the role of Waymond Wang in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'. And you know what? 

He absolutely crushed it. Dominated that role and delivered one of my favorite lines of this year., 

By the way, if you haven't watched our interview with him, I highly recommend it. He has to be the most down to earth interview we have ever had.