Ashley Graham And Hugh Grant Teamed Up On The Oscars Red Carpet For One Of The Most Awkward Interviews You'll Ever See

Tough, just really tough to watch. The good ol' combo of brutally awful questioning from Ashley Graham with Hugh Grant wanting NOTHING to do with that interview. The end result? Disaster. That shit had no chance of recovery the moment she mistook his vanity fair line for the afterparty. I mean what are we doing here? If she was paying attention and let Grant cook we mighta had an all time answer of him shitting on this whole thing. Does he give her anything either way? Can't be sure, but certainly not when we get a botch like that. Gotta give props to her for keeping her composure while giving a live TV interview like that, but I just wish she caught that vanity fair line. 

As for Grant, he could not have embodied Marshawn Lynch's "I'm just here so I don't get fined" moment any more if he tried. Dude is tired of pretending and for that I don't blame him. I love movies, but absolutely hate the pretentious bullshit that comes with these awards. All we get tonight is a giant suck fest from the Hollywood elite. The only way to bring legit eyeballs to this night is to have some kind of fuck-up with the envelopes or get "lucky" with a physical assault on stage. If none of that shenanigans happens it's mostly brutal aside from one or two acceptance speeches from someone who has never won before. Seems maybe Hugh is in agreement there, but why show up then? Just say no to the invite and stay home. 


He's presenting so I guess he had to be there, but that doesn't mean you gotta do the interview. It's possible he wanted to express how stupid this whole thing was and that was the plan all along. Dude seemed like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world in that moment. Kinda the same vibes from his pizza review with Dave. 

Is he just a giant asshole? I feel like I enjoy his movies for the most part, but based on this interview and the One Bite performance, or lack there of, he's not doing himself any favors. I think I'm going with really good actor to disguise being a huge dick. 

One more time.