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The Mean Girls Discussing If Dinosaurs Were Real Or "Methodical" Is The Most Captivating Minute Of Podcasting In Recorded History


Take a god damn bow, Mean Girls. Take a god damn bow. It's selection Sunday, it's Oscars night, and the thing taking up my timeline is the Mean Girls talking about if the dinosaurs were real or "methodical". There's nobody doing it like them right now. While most podcasts would edit that part out because of how ridiculous they sound, they not only kept it in, but they made it their social clip! That's why they get millions of views on everything they do. They don't claim to be in MENSA, they're just two girls letting it fly for better or for worse and I respect that. So much was wrong in such a small clip you just have to tip your cap. Nobody gets more engagement than these two. I'm shaking my head while doing this blog because it's so ridiculous but god god dammit dammit, they just get people talking.


PS: I'm not convinced this isn't an April Fools Day joke or something and I'm taking the bait but would it even matter if the clip is put out there? Like, is it "taking the trash" if it's literally out there?