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Semi-Coherent Thoughts And Ramblings From The 2023 NCAA Tournament Bracket Reveal

So there was a lot going on during the reveal show so I wanted to gather my thoughts and put together a reaction blog on everything. This is an effort just to make it a little more clean. So let’s get right into it. We’re going to do general thoughts and throughout the week have breakdowns, picks, all that good stuff. 

Let's get into it. 

General Thoughts

Uh Houston as the 2nd overall seed? I like them, don't get me wrong. But they have a quad 3 loss. They didn't have nearly the same amount of Quad 1 wins as like a Kansas - neither won their conference tournament either. I don't really understand that one and it punishes Kansas in terms of where they play the 2nd weekend. 

- The West is the toughest region. That's the region of death and it ain't close.

- In terms of most fun to watch: South, West, East, Midwest in that order.

- I'm still shocked Rutgers didn't get in. I figured that win against Michigan would at least put them in the First Four. Hilarious that UNC was the 3rd team out. Fuck outta here with that. Still shocked Nevada got in. That seemed to be the biggest surprise team in. 

South Region

- Yeah, this one is awesome. There are a ton of interesting and fun matchups in that first round. Furman's offense vs Virginia's defense. NC State vs Creighton with those guards. San Diego State vs Charleston feels like Wichita State vs VCU from back in the day. Shit, even WVU/Maryland. Some rivalry there plus two teams who are just going to beat the shit out of each other. This is exactly what I want in a region. 

- Alabama deserved the No. 1 seed after Kansas lost. I have no problem with this. 

- Utah State/Mizzou might be the best game of that region in the first round. We saw what Mizzou can do, that frantic pace they play at and freedom Dennis Gates gives them. Blindly feels like an over. 

Midwest Region

- Yeesh, Texas A&M got fucked here. A 7 seed? They top-25 in KenPom and top-20 in the NET. They have two quad 4 losses (early in the season) but are 12-6 in Quad 1-2 games. Thought for sure they'd be at least a 6, especially after getting to the SEC Tournament title game. You can say they played a weak non-conference, but, uh so did Kansas State, Maryland, TCU and UConn (all sub-200). 

- Hello there Kent State. I will never feel bad for Indiana but that's a brutal draw as your 13. I'll leave it at that for now. 

- Houston may have gotten the No. 2 overall seed and they have a fairly easy path to the Sweet 16, but from there it's brutal. They got - who I think at least - is the best 2 seed in Texas. They have a Miami team who can score with anyone, even with the Ormier injury. 

- Please don't give us Mississippi State/Iowa State. That might be a game that's under 100 total points. 

- Give us Texas/Texas A&M since conference realignment ruined it for us. 

West Region

- This is region of death. This is absolutely loaded, especially the bottom half of the bracket. TCU, Gonzaga and UCLA are all Final Four good. Shit, that second round game between TCU/Gonzaga would arguably be the most fun one of the entire Tournament if it happens. Both those teams want to run. 

- Pitino vs UConn. Hell yes. Way to prep him for future Big East games. Also Pitino vs Hurley is unreal. I want a live cam on those two the entire game. If we have to sit through a split screen for interviews, we at least deserve this because it would be way more entertaining. 

- Good on Howard for getting a real game. I blogged yesterday how it'd be bullshit to put them in Dayton after a 31-year wait. I still hate the fact we have auto qualifiers at Dayton. That should only be bubble teams. 

- Arkansas/Illinois is going to be hilarious. There's a chance those two teams combine for like 25% from three. But also that game could be a buzzer beater. That's a perfect 8/9 game. 

East Region

- NCAA TOURNAMENT RIGGED. Kentucky gets Bryce Hopkins in a revenge game? I'm sure that's 'just the way it worked out.' My tinfoil hat couldn't be on tighter for this one. Time to go to war against Providence. You dummies went to a concert before the last game of the season. You dummies stopped selling tall boys. 

- This region is the most wide open. FAU deserved better than a 9. But the winner of that game vs Purdue, especially Memphis and that press defense is going to give Purdue trouble. 

- Max Abmas vs Duke. Yep. That's one to circle. 

- That's actually a decent draw for Marquette as a 2 seed. I like their path to the Sweet 16 and then you take your chances for upsets after that. Not to mention that will be played in MSG. Works out real nice for Marquette. 

-There's still something that gets the juices going seeing a bracket. See everyone this week.