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The SEC Should Be Ashamed For Not Even Putting Up A Fight Against Alabama The Last 3 Days

All I heard all week, and the last month was how much people hated Alabama, and how vulnerable this team was heading into the SEC Tournament and NCAA Tournament. EVERYONE was down on this team. They peaked early, the off the court distractions, the noise, etc. Well wouldn't you think these teams would actually show up to Nashville and try and beat them ? Maybe give some kind of effort, put up a fight  ? 

Absolutely waxed everyone in the path ... 


And an absolute blowout in the championship to put the icing on the cake. 82-63, and a blowout from start to finish. Brandon Miller is the best player on the floor. Nate Oats is the best coach in the country. 

Just really amazing to me that for all the shit the SEC loved to talk you would think they would actually play well when it mattered. Or maybe the fact of the matter is that these teams did put together what they thought was a good effort, and I have been right all along all year that none of them belong on the same court as THE BEST TEAM IN THE COUNTRY !!! 

Shoutout Seth Davis …. hit the nail on the head 


3 DOWN … 6 TO GO