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I Still Can't Believe That The Bears Pulled Off This Trade For DJ Moore. They Finally Have A #1 WR For Justin Fields

Every time I think of this trade I smile. Ryan Poles actually did. He took his most valuable asset and convinced another NFL GM to give up everything they had for it. Such a fleecing that I feel like the war room was like that scene in Wolf Of Wall Street where Di Caprio is trying to get some mark to invest in some bullshit over the phone and the rest of the guys where laughing as he talked him into it. 

At the trade deadline last year the Bears were linked to DJ Moore, but the Panthers said that he is part of their future. The teams couldn't reach a deal that was rumored to be centered around a #1 pick. Fast forward like 5 months or so and the Bears got their man, plus the #9 pick, a future 1st, and multiple 2nds. Absolutely incredible that they got a #1 WR and all it cost them was moving down 8 places in the draft. 

Now, my mentions were filled with dodo brains saying that DJ Moore isn't a #1 WR. Dodo brains like these guys

And on and on it went. One guy somewhere said that DJ Moore wasn't a #1 WR because he's never had 1200 yards in a season. Pretty convenient definition to set considering that DJ Moore has had over 1150 yards three times in his young career. And in that time here is the list of QBs who have started games for the Carolina Panthers:

Cam Newton, Taylor Heinicke, Kyle Allen, Will Grier, Teddy Bridgewater, PJ Walker, Sam Darnold, and Baker Mayfield. 

And even though the Panthers were a mess (they also went through two coaching changes in 5 years) in DJ Moore's career, he still has managed to rack up 5200 career receiving yards. 5200 receiving yards would make DJ Moore the Bears ALL TIME LEADING RECEIVER!

Justin Fields finally has real weapons. Adding DJ Moore allows everyone to be slotted properly. Now Mooney can flourish as the #2. Claypool can settle into a specialized role as the #3 receiver. Kmet is going to expose the middle of the field because teams can't cover everyone. It's a dream scenario for a young QB. We saw how important AJ Brown was to Hurts's development in Philly. Stef Diggs helped Josh Allen make a HUGE leap. DJ Moore will hopefully have a similar impact with the Bears. 

They got their man and that man is locked into a contract while only being 25 years old. The Bears got their man BEFORE the draft and free agency. They won't have to rely on draft capital or free agency to pursue help for Fields. They can now shift their focus to other positions. That is huge too. 

The Poles and staff still have a lot of work to do, but you can see the vision and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There's a gleam. Maybe more than a gleam. Four draft picks in the top 65 this year, still the most cap space in the league, and a full summer for Moore, Claypool, Mooney, and Kmet to get on the same page as their dynamic young QB. I can't remember a time where I was more excited for the direction of the Bears.