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The 2023 All Hockey-Hair Team Is Here And The Lettuce Is As Crispy As Ever

Say what you want about "peaking too early", but there's legitimately nothing in life better than high school sports. You get a chance to play the game you love with all the dudes you grew up with your whole life. You're with the boys making memories that'll last your entire life. 30 years from now you'll be back home at some run down bar telling the same exact stories you already told to each other a hundred times before. 

And when those stories involve being a total salad stallion on the game's biggest stage like the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament? Well those are stories that are worthy of being told for another 30 years. 

Whether it's just some classically spicy arugula, a wild cut, a bleach job, etc. Your team makes it to The Tourney and you never know if this is your only opportunity to show up to the salad bar with the fellas. So you have to go all out for the boys, and that's what makes this tradition so great. Just a bunch of guys being some pure, unadulterated dudes. 


Now the 2023 All Hockey-Hair Team may not have as many heavy hitters as previous years. The actual team itself was a bit of a let down. There might not be anybody in this class who is a first ballot Flowseidon Hall of Famer. But as far as versatility goes, I think the boys really brought it this year. Some really great range on display from the fellas. A great mix of classic flow and rabble rouser tomfoolery. Like the hockey hair might not be great on this fella, but you know he's a total menace in the locker room. 

Gotta get this kid decked out in some Chiclets merch. 

Heck, the whole Warroad squad put on a performance for the ages at this tournament. 

Can't be anybody more proud right now than the pride of Warroad himself, TJ Oshie. Just a bunch of dangerous men coming out of that town. Just a shame the boys couldn't close it out in the final game of the season after Mahtomedi buried this beauty off the rebound in 2OT to take the Class A Championship. 


Maybe even better than any of the hair on display at this tournament was this student section celebration from Mahtomedi after the OT win. 

Doesn't get any better than that. The boys and girls were, as we say in the biz, buzzzing. 

Also congrats to Minnetonka on winning the Class AA Championship. 

And as always, the most important part of this video is always the cause. So make sure to check out the Hendrickson Foundation and see all the amazing work they do for disabled hockey players. They have plenty of different events/ways to donate for you to help make a difference. Hockey Changes Lives.

May the Flow be with you. 

P.P.S. -- Anakin had the most lethal lettuce in the galaxy far, far away. Total beautician.