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Great Britain Decided To Wear The Worst Looking Jerseys In Sports History To Open Their Slate Of The World Baseball Classic

Did Great Britain just remember yesterday that they were playing in the biggest global baseball tournament? Did they forget to pack their uniforms and these were all the could come up with in a short period of time? I mean these uniforms are AWFUL. I’ve never seen something so...plain. What font is that? Times New Roman? We rocking the Microsoft Word jerseys? No number on the front or anything? 

I know baseball isn’t really a top sport over there but come on. Soccer isn’t our cup of tea but at least us Americans put some color and flashiness on the jerseys, Great Britain showed up with 2 words on the front and decided to call it a day. Yuck. No wonder we dumped all that tea in the harbor, we should do it again just for this nonsense. 

Adam Wainwright should be PISSED at giving up a home run to Trace Thompson while he’s wearing this jersey. Looks like a jersey you’d wear when you’re on the orange team or something in little league and they couldn’t find a sponsor. I think Britain should be eliminated just for this poor effort. Go to Michaels next time or something and make these babies look a little better. This is what it looks like when you create a jersey in MLB The Show and forget to put anything other than your team name. Quite literally the most plain and boring uniforms in sports history.