Steph Curry Has No Respect For Ball Boys After Smashing One In The Face With A Full Court Shot

Do I have your attention with that headline? Good because it’s a bit of a stretch . Steph Curry by all counts is the man. Let’s not forget he’s a friend of the Barstool Classic. 

Let’s also not forget he doesn’t give a shit about on court contest rules and wants fans to win money . 

He also does this tunnel shot every game and everyone loves it . 

So you will not find me ever criticizing Steph Curry. But man what a brutal break here for Steph and even worse break for this ball boy. 94 foot shot right to the smush. He’s trying to act like it didn’t hurt but we know it hurt. Credit for trying to power through but man that’s gonna hurt in the morning. 

I’m sure Steph felt terrible and likely made things right with gear or a fat envelope,, or possibly paying for the kids new nose, because that’s the kind of guy he is. 

And lastly, if we’re being honest. Pretty funny video.  Poor kid has no idea what was coming.