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The NCAA Selection Committee Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves If Baylor Is A 2 Seed Ahead of Marquette

Marquette just demolished Xavier from the opening tip and never let up on their way to a Big East Championship. 

Tyler Kolek was fantastic, earned Most Outstanding Player and Xavier seemed to have no answers for anything Marquette did all night. It was an underwhelming final but the Garden was bumping all week and proved once again that the Big East Tournament ALWAYS delivers year after year. For my money it’s the best conference tournament there is. 

Anyway back to Marquette. This time of year, Bracketology dominates the news. Who’s on the bubble, who’s stealing bids, what seed does a team have, etc? 

So when I saw this morning that Baylor was on the 2 line after a gutless B12 Quarterfinal performance against Iowa St, and Marquette was on the 3 line. I was astonished.

So I decided to do some digging into the numbers. Here they are.


Baylor :22-10

Marquette: 28-6 

Advantage: Marquette 

Quad 1 Records : 

Baylor: 11-10 

Marquette: 8-5 

Advantage: Marquette 

KenPom rating:

Baylor: 16 

Marquette: 12 

Advantage: Marquette 

Now I may be boring you with the stats, and you are probably reading this saying “I wish there was a definitive way to decide who was better head to head .” 

Oh well in that case let me present my final point … the head to head matchup 

I know the Big 12 was fantastic this year, but the Big East was a terrific leagye and Marquette just won two really hard games vs really good teams to win this tournament. Respect Shaka and the Golden Eagles and use your brain committee and put Marquette on the 2 line. It’s a no brainer. 

Ps- Tyler Kolek is so good and is going to have a massive March moment. Also he kept the receipts on the people who picked them NINTH in the Big East.