The Colorado Strip Club Released A Picture Of Ja Morant's Visit - Specifically Him Getting A Lap Dance With An OUTRAGEOUS Amount Of Money On The Floor


[Post] - Memphis Grizzlies All-Star point guard Ja Morant dribbled and drooled over a stripper at the same Denver-area jiggle joint where he blew $50,000 in tips — and flashed a gun 48 hours later — shocking photos obtained by The Post and insiders reveal.

“That took forever to count,” a dancer recalled her colleague saying. 

Eighty minutes after the team’s plane touched down in Denver, the Memphis hotshot slinked in through the back of the club to enter the VIP room, where he sank at least $900 to book the space for three hours, per rates on the club’s website, sources said.

I don't want to sound weird or anything, but this is an all-time picture. The amount of money is outrageous. You have it covering the floor, you have it sitting on an empty seat. Then you look at Ja Morant is out here getting a lap dance in front of a bunch of food. Just some wings sitting there as a shirtless Morant matches the stripper. Everything about this picture screams 1) rich person and 2) hilarious.

Now that said - and I can't stress this enough - you can't be having pictures leaked from a visit to the strip club. I don't care if you're Ja Morant or some mid-level accountant on a bachelor party. What happens and how awkward you look in a strip club stays between those walls. That's between you and the nice stripper giving you a lap dance as you awkwardly talk about why you're in town - likely lying. 

Then you look at the story and it gets even funnier. Dude was at the strip club 80 minutes after the plane touched down. Didn't even wait to say bye to his teammates. Got in the car and went right to the strip club. At least he splurged $900 for the space. That's how you know this is a real strip club, not one of those fancy joints that only lets famous people in. Any bachelor party can splurge $900 for this space. Any weirdo who loves strip clubs can do this and likely has done this. 

That's just so much goddamn money.