There's No Bigger Roller Coaster Team In America Than Penn State And It's Why We Always Needed Them In March

Close your eyes and picture a first round NCAA Tournament game. It could be the 12:15 start or it could start at like 10:20pm. Either way, you know exactly what I'm talking about. A team running around, getting hot early and looking like it's going to be a blowout. Except in the back of your mind you know. You know something dumb is going to happen and this will come down to the last second.

That's Penn State. 

That's exactly what happened tonight, a day after it happened against Northwestern. It's why I love watching this team. They are hysterical. Jalen Pickett is (should be) a 3rd-Team All-American. They are dead last in the country in getting to the line and getting offensive rebounds. Yet their offense is electric. They basically launch shots and sprint back on defense. They have guys all over the place that can go get 20 if they need to.

They also have Micah Shrewsberry, who 100% has a good chance at translating this into a much better job (Georgetown): 

They just straight up exposed Indiana too. You can say bad matchup, but they took advantage of what Indiana does bad. But this isn't going to be an anti-Indiana blog. This is a Penn State blog. They are one of the most fun teams in the country. Now you get Shrewsberry against his former boss. I can't wait to sweat out a PSU game next week. Might as well make them like a 7 seed.