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Howard Made The NCAA Tournament For The First Time In 31 Years And It Sucks They Likely Won't Even Get The Real Experience

No lie the MEAC title game was one of the best ones I've watched all week. Howard and Norfolk State were back and forth - the biggest lead was Howard by 6, which lasted less than a minute. We can relate to that. But this is bigger than Howard. This is why I hate the field of 68. I wish it was the field of 64. 


Howard made its first NCAA Tournament since 1992 and they are almost 100% going to Dayton. They have to play in the First Four in front of like 1,500 fans for the right to play a 1 seed. I know, I know. The conferences still get a win share for that and it matters from a money side, but it sucks. 

If you win your conference you should automatically be in the Round of 64. No Dayton. Let these shitty middling high-major teams go there as the 11/12 seeds. Make them 'earn' their way onto the bracket. We all say how the First Four doesn't really count, so make it that way. Make it a true play-in game. Shit, call it in a play-in game. I don't care. I just want teams like this to be able to go right to the 'real' NCAA Tournament.

Shit look at what Howard did. They had to play Norfolk State (the No. 3 seed) in Norfolk. It's incredible the turnaround they had too. Kenny Blakeney won 4 games his first year at Howard four seasons ago. They basically had their entire season canceled with COVID after that. Now he won the MEAC regular season and MEAC Tournament. 

Put them in the NCAA Tournament. The real one.