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No More NCAA Tournament Research Needed, The Experts Have Your Cinderella - A Little Underrated Team Called Alabama

Phew, I was worried here. I mean I'm out here searching high and low for NCAA Tournament cinderella. I'm sweating out bets on Howard vs Norfolk State, paying attention to the Ivy, trying to remember what happened last week in mid-majors. Then, luckily, we have an expert in Seth Davis giving me the insight I was missing. Alabama. That's your Cinderella. 

Now, I somewhat understand what he's saying. People aren't screaming Alabama because, well, they had a guy kicked off their team for murder, Brandon Miller saga and the entire program and athletic department handling this as bad as anyone. But come on. They are the No. 2 team in the country. They are talked about as being the best team in the country. No one thinks they are underrated. They are talked about .. properly. 

They even bounced back today. I thought Mizzou was going to bother the shit out of them. The frantic way Mizzou plays. The fact Hodge threw that 3 in at the buzzer at the first half. 

But Alabama just has horses. They have a top-5 pick in Brandon Miller. They have depth. They have experience at the guard spot. There's no underrated team in Alabama.