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Tonight's World Baseball Classic Clash Between The Dominican Republic And Venezuela Is Basically An All Star Game

Choosing the players for the above picture and thumbnail of this blog was actually difficult. That's how much talent is in the World Baseball Classic showdown tonight between the DR and Venezuela. I mean holy shit look at the talent in both these lineups.

This is basically an All Star Game except everyone is going to try 100%. Incredible. I think everyone knew going into this that the Dominican Republic had a squad and a half, but Venezuela's lineup is low key stacked. The big difference is that the DR is sending Sandy Alcantara out to the bump while Martin Perez gets the ball for Venezuela. Still though, the DR only being -300 raises my eyebrows. That lineup and Sandy? I know it's baseball and anything can happen, but that price seems suspiciously low. Might have to throw out a little wager tonight on Venezuela and see what we got. Kill 'em with contact. 7:00 on FS1 with Team USA starting at 9:00 on FOX. Crowds should phenomenal and create an electric atmosphere. Obviously a big day for college basketball, but you best be keeping an eye on baseball tonight. 

P.s. How about the pipes on Martin Perez?