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Tyreek Hill Absolutely Dusted His Opponents At The USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships

We all knew Tyreek Hill was a freak of nature, but his speed here is honestly horrifying. He made the other competitors look like they were running in slow motion. There's definitely a good reason as to why he's called the cheetah. At 29 years old, he still has the fastest official speed ever recorded in the NFL reaching 23.24 mph on a kickoff return. He also has a Gold metal at the 2012 World Junior Championships for the 4x100m relay. 

The crazy part is, his 6.70 is quick, but not even close to the fastest we've seen on a track. There were three high schoolers who ran faster in the prelims to the event. Must be nice. I think if I ran a 6.5 40 yard dash I'd call it a success.

Looks like the all the fun and games were short lived.