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Apparently Ottawa Senators Defenseman Jakob Chychrun Is The New Liver King

Definitely quite the opposite pregame meal from a guy like Ovechkin, who mixes marinara and alfredo sauce with his pasta. Or Phil Kessel, the current NHL iron man, who demolishes hot dogs and slams Coca-Cola's during intermissions. For Chychrun, this ancestral diet is apparently better than loading up on carbs before taking the ice. 

GOPHNX- “For the longest time, hockey players were just eating as many carbs as you can and that’s what I’ve always known my whole life: Eat a whole bowl of pasta before you play, but I just think you feel so much better when you get your fuel from a different source. I’m so into it right now and you can drive yourself crazy with it, which I try not to do because when I’m in on something I’m all in, trying to go above and beyond. So you have to find that fine balance.”

I'll never get the philosophy of eating all of this gross stuff in order to perform better as an athlete. The Liver King was clearly full of shit. Yeah it might help a bit, but is it really worth making yourself miserable? You have this natural talent as a professional ice hockey player. There's zero chance eating a raw beef heart is the difference maker when you're playing. 

With all that being said, I guess he should keep doing whatever works for him. This is no knock on him at all, it's just really weird. He's a solid defenseman that was a massive trade target at the deadline. Hockey officially has its Liver King.