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Duke Is The Most Underated Team In College Basketball Right Now

For some reason this year everyone is down on Duke because they don't have the #1 pick in the draft. I am not sure if you are familiar but every time they do have the best player in college basketball as of late they don't win the championship. Paolo last year, Zion and RJ Barrett before couldn't get it done, but when they have a complete team like in 2015 they won it all. 

This year Duke has a rotation of 8 guys who all know their role and now have won 8 games straight and playing their best basketball at the right time. Coach K was obviously amazing with 5 championships and so many great seasons, but maybe this new era makes it easier to be a better basketball team without all the pressure. 

Duke is 25-8 this year and they aren't in the spotlight at all and weirdly it is fucking amazing because the media isn't up their ass saying how bad they were early on in the season. Watch them wax Virginia tonight and and go into March Madness as a 3 or 4 seed and make their way back to the Final 4. Yes of course I am biased but this team is so much better than last year and deeper so I advise you to jump on them now. 

The question being thrown around is "is Coach K bigger than Duke?" The answer is right now yes...but when a guy coaches somewhere for 40 years of course that is going to happen because people start to hate the guy who wins all the time and in 5 years when Scheyer is doing that the same thing will happen. People forget Scheyer was the one recruiting all of these recent superstars like Tatum and Zion and everyone else, and he will continue to have the best recruiting classes and dominate the ACC and the tournament just like this year.