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I'm Not Exaggerating When I Say This Umpire Should Be Sent To Prison For Making A Call This Bad

This is exactly why they want robot umps in the game, because of dog shit calls like this and umpires who clearly make it personal. Obviously this umpire had an axe to grind with the batter after he wasn't happy with the call on strike 2. I actually didn't think it was THAT bad of a strike, little low but not awful. Below the zone for sure, but it was clear the umpire had dinner reservations and wanted to get out of there. Once the batter started hopping up and down to say the call wasn't great the umpire knew what he had to do. Call the next pitch a strike no matter where that bad boy was. 

And that is exactly what he did. Strike 3, ballgame over on a pitch in the opposing batters box. But again, this umpire had to send a message- he had to let Mississippi Valley State know HE was the boss. HE is the one who people come to see and support. 

And you know it's a bad call when the opposing catcher tries to throw the ball back to the pitcher. The catcher also was trying to stop the batter from going after the ump, you don't often see that but he knew how bad the ump had fucked up. 

Credit to the hitter for not turning the field into a SAW movie. And as for the ump, he belongs in federal prison. Toss away the key and let him rot. Bring in the robots, this is the final straw.