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The Czech Republic's Starting Pitcher This Morning Is Actually A Technician For An Electric Company Who Plays Baseball As A Hobby And He Just Happened To Strike Out Shohei Ohtani

THIS AIN'T NO HOBBY! Well, actually it is for Ondřej Satoria. He's a 5'8" starter for the Czech Republic and believe it or not, baseball is not his full time job. He's a contractor technician for an electric company but he also happens to be a damn good pitcher. So good that he made the Czech Republic team and earned the start vs Japan. Does he throw hard? Absolutely not. 

He didn't throw a pitch over 79 MPH but still managed to strike out 4, including Shohei Ohtani. And he didn't just strike out Ohtani, he embarrassed him. Helmet fell off, had him reaching WAYYYY out in front. Must be pretty cool to be able to be at the water cooler one day and tell people you embarrassed the most talented player we've ever seen. 

"Hey Ondřej, how was your vacation? Heard you took a trip to Japan?"

"Was good, got some good food, saw the awesome sights, struck out Shohei Ohtani and 3 other Japanese players. Was a nice relaxing trip."

Sure he ended up giving up 3 runs on 5 hits to the Japanese team, but that was all because of a bad call by the ump. However he did strike out 4 over those 3 innings. 

I still consider this a win for us normal people. Us guys who are 5'8" and work a 9-5. Starting pitcher on Saturday, electrician technician on Monday. Going from facing Ohtani to checking for live wires, not sure which is scarier actually. I take my hard hat off and salute Mr. Satoria. What a legend.