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In The Latest Golfer Vs. Air Horn Showdown, Keith Mitchell Lost His Shit At THE PLAYERS Championship

Can't remember the last time I laughed at a golf clip so many times in a row. And it's more in solidarity with Keith Mitchell than anything else. Like, "Yup, been there!" Every now and then the pros hit shots like valiant weekend warriors.

Before returning to main point of blog — MPOB, could that be an acronym that catches on? — I'll admit it. I duped you a bit with that headline. Unless your mind doesn't immediately jump to this:

Mine did. Gave me an excuse to plug it in and hopefully make you cackle. A quick Google search told me people do this shit all the time. You'll never beat the original. I'm sure the Jackass guys weren't the first to do it. Just made it a watershed moment of cinema for an impressionable young lad in yours truly.

Back on target with pure SPORTS-related analysyzing of this here sitch.

Tough one here for Keith Mitchell. The awful dilemma of trying to hit your last shot before that ominous air horn blows you off the course due to inclement weather. He must've suspected that thing was about to be honked. Or maybe not. Either way, SUCKS. This man is a beast with the big stick by the way, ranking first on the PGA Tour this season in total driving, first in strokes gained: off the tee and hits it over 311 yards on average.

Unfortunately, it all went south for Mitchell on the par-4 fifth hole and he seemed to know it the second after impact. Hell of a reaction. That air horn added insult to injury. Had he waited mere seconds longer, that drive wouldn't have been hit.

The caddie twinkle-toes backpedaling to see where the ball wound up was a detail I didn't see until about the fifth time through and it really got me. Even better is the fact that no announcers were around to make the call. Just total silence as that ball sliced to the right and soared into the pond.

That is, until this classic caddie-player exchange:

- "Did it cover?"

- "It did not."

- "It went in the water?"

- "Yes."

Giphy Images.

I hope Keith Mitchell and his caddie dust themselves off from this icy (but sorry, very funny) exchange and shake off a rough outing at TPC Sawgrass.

The PGA Tour should make their official Twitter highlights embeddable. Really chaps my ass that they don't. Because otherwise, you could discover this little nugget of gold wherein an impassioned fan blessed Keith Mitchell with the moniker of "Cashmere Keith". That had to at least make his day a little brighter, no?

Cool! Oh wait you can't watch it here. Go to a new window to see about it.

The PGA Tour is dope and I'm only joshing around and nitpicking there. 

If it's any consolation to Mitchell (narrator: It isn't), the fact that he was trying to hit a cut shot to shape it down the dogleg right fairway, clearly overcooked it to lose even more distance, and still carried the ball 299 yards in the air is a staggering display of power. I care very little about what the wind was doing. Despite it being a poor shot, you get an idea of this man's driving prowess. 

However, in the age-old duel of golfer vs. air horn, that blaring burst of boisterous noise got the better of the golf ball whacker guy once again.

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