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Shaka Smart Getting Into A Shit-Talking War With Dan Hurley Is Exactly Why The Big East Tournament Will Always Be The Best

I know Marquette has been playing the whole us against the world mentality this year ever since they were picked 9th in the preseason poll. But this? This is what we should be cheering for. By far the two most animated coaches in that conference are these two. I want a Shaka Smart vs Dan Hurley rivalry and I never realized it until tonight. 

Sure, the game being awesome helped. But you have Hurley ready to lose his mind on an official at any given moment while Shaka is in a defensive stance like a 6th man on the floor the entire time. They are the perfect mix of different yet similar at the same time. Hell, look at Shaka getting air time in his celebration: 

And this is what Hurley said last night which Shaka is bringing up: 

He's not necessarily wrong. UConn fans fill MSG every single time. But you can't say this and then lose the very next game. Not only that. The offense was uh suspect to say the least, especially late. You have guys just straight up not running designed plays and you can see it breaking down live. No disrespect to Marquette's defense but that can't happen. UConn also couldn't take advantage of Tyler Kolek in foul trouble, could have pushed the lead late in the first half. 

He's also not wrong about this:

UConn was favored. Marquette was coming off a stinker of a win against St. John's. So yeah everyone was somewhat putting UConn in the Big East finals. 

Let me say this. I'm all the way in on this Marquette team. They have the Big East POY in Tyler Kolek who also has a good shot to win best PG in America. They have some possible NBA talent. They all bought into Shaka's system. Their offense is fucking awesome. 

But this is also about the Big East Tournament. I don't care if this is the 'new' Big East. This Tournament at MSG, even without the Aeropostale sponsorship, still is the best. Nothing can touch it. It's legit bucket list item for me to see this in person at some point. You can hear the crowd the entire time. There's something different about this conference tournament and always has felt that way. Maybe it's the fact it's always at MSG or just the conference itself. 

Oh and the players are getting in on it too

And now I hope it turns into a Shaka vs Hurley rivalry.