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Boys Night Out At The SEC Tournament!

As someone who grew up with NBA Jam, NBA Live, NBA Street and NBA2k, I feel confident in saying I've seen these guys before. They are the end of the bench guys in everything besides NBA Jam. They are the generic create a player that you start with when you can barely dribble and have to try to play 32 minutes a game as a 65 overall. I love it. I love that this is exactly what these guys look like. 

Also sneaky one of the best parts of March. You never know what you're going to see in the stands but you're getting some of the diehard fans. These guys decided this was their look. Get the Jordan Walsh headband on, slap on their finest matching jerseys and get to the stadium. Had to get there early too probably. 

Who am I to judge though? Anything to support the team. It's also working. Arkansas already won a game and as I'm blogging this they are up on Texas A&M. Clear cut situation of look good, play good. They might not be on the team per se, but they are in spirit. Boys weekend.